The Alphonsian Foundation was established in 1997 by and for the Congregation of The Most Holy Redeemer (aka The Redemptorists) as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization. 


     Located on the Redemptorists' property in Liguori, Missouri, in the center of the United States, the Alphonsian Foundation rents office space from Liguori Publications.  The 'city' of Liguori is actually comprised of approximately 100 beautiful acres and is home to Saint Clement Health Center, a Redemptoristine Convent, a Redemptorist Monastery, Liguori Publications and a branch of the United States Postal Service.


     Our Mission:  To support the Redemptorists, with special focus on educating future moral theologians in the spirit of Saint Alphonsus.  This very important part of the Redemptorists' ministry is accomplished through the Alphonsian Academy of Moral Theology.


     Because of his extraordinary contribution to helping ordinary people follow Jesus, Saint

Alphonsus was named the patron of moral theologians and confessors. The [Redemptorist]

Congregation maintains a long-standing interest in and commitment to moral theology by

giving this theological discipline a strong emphasis in the initial formation of its seminarians

and in the life-long study of its members.*


     Our Purpose:  To obtain financial support for and share information about the Alphonsian Academy.


*Excerpt taken from - website of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer.



Alphonsian Foundation

One Liguori Drive

Liguori, MO  63057

Ph: 636 223 1455

Federal Tax ID # 43-1765311

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